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©FLOW is designed to manage the crucial aspect of copyright clearances for film and photo production companies. Royalties owed to featured artists – from musician and model to actor and writer – can be easily calculated, negotiated and kept track of for publication across different media and geographic regions.

Category: Web Application

Launched: 2015

Launch Project ↗

Designed and developed by null2 for Hamburg-based SIMPRO Solutions, ©FLOW is a stream-lined application built from the ground up to meet highest standards regarding responsiveness, performance and user interaction.

©FLOW is a client-sided JavaScript application, developed entirely with modern open source frameworks, such as Node.js, Backbone, Marionette and CouchDB, allowing for real-time updates and guaranteed data consistency across multiple sessions.

©FLOW empowers companies to manage their entire clearance process from one application - key features include partner management and communication, keeping easy track of licenses through reminders and visual timelines, and automated royalty calculations across all regions and media formats.